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Benefiting KFS School
Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
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Kahlon Family Services helps families who are trying to get through each day while raising a child with learning and developmental challenges.

  • Do you have a child who does not listen or “tunes you out?”
  • Is a teacher telling you that your child may need “special help?”
  • Does your son or daughter have a hard time playing independently or having successful interactions with peers?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and concerned about the well-being of your family and/or the development of your child?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, first know that you are not alone. That’s why we’ve created Kahlon Family Services, a place where you can receive uniquely individualized, flexible, and results-oriented help for your family.

Along with offering behavioral consultations Kahlon Family Services offers individual or group yoga sessions for all children including those with special needs such as autism, ADD, sensory integration, and anxiety.

See our article in Bay Area Parent Magazine February 2015!