Woman of the Year 2014-2015
National Association of
Professional Women (NAPW)
Woman of the Year 2014-2015

Vanessa Kahlon, M.A.

Founder & Executive Director

With almost two decades of experience and a Masters in Clinical Psychology under her belt, Vanessa is no stranger to families whose children have special needs. Vanessa started her own company KAHLON FAMILY SERVICES in 2008. KFS provides behavior consultations, social skills groups, support professionals in schools, and parenting groups for families with children with Learning and Behavioral challenges and needs.  In her various capacities, as she directed and supervised various in-home Behavioral programs all around California, as well as facilitating Social Skills Groups, she succeeded in developing her own Yoga Curriculum (YEAS YOGA) to help address children’s needs as well as aid professionals in the field.  YEAS YOGA (Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum)is an exciting, personalized program that Vanessa created to address Self-Regulation needs of High-Spirited children.

Vanessa is inspired to help more families in the Bay Area more professionally and effectively, Vanessa founded KFS SCHOOL as the Executive Director. KFS SCHOOL K-8 Program has been officially a Nonprofit Organization (501c3) since December 2016 and serving children in San Francisco and the Bay Area Community.  Vanessa is the host of Parenting with Vanessa Kahlon. The show empowers parents with tools and strategies for children’s daily struggles. The show was aired on KABC Radio station and currently on her own podcast click here to listen to her podcasts. In addition, This Is SF series three on CBS interviewed Vanessa and will air the summer of 2020. They discussed her approach along with learning more about her book “Shut Up & Parent”.

Vanessa is also a guest lecturer around California  – with various schools and organizations seeking professional development in behavior modification and management.   Named Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women in 2014. In 2021 Entrepreneurs Herald named Vanessa Top 30 Influential Entrepreneurs. Vanessa is passionate about keeping families communicative, happy and healthy. Vanessa’s approach is professional, yet personal. She is relationship based – and she gets results! She cares deeply for all clients and their families, bringing purposeful challenges to stretch them beyond their current capacity.

Lola “The Dog”

Lola is our latest beautiful addition to the family. She is the smallest most cutest therapy dog you can look for. She has been adopted by her new mommy Vanessa Kahlon and all the kids now call her family. Lola is so funny and loves playing with balls and if you hear her make any sound that’s her saying “Hi, I want to play with you”. She’s on a mission to help the kids learn how to take good care of her as well as grooming skills. Lola makes every child feel happy and playful!