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Woman of the Year 2014-2015
National Association of
Professional Women (NAPW)
Woman of the Year 2014-2015

Vanessa Kahlon, M.A.

Founder & Executive Director

With almost two decades of experience and a Masters in Clinical Psychology under her belt, Vanessa is no stranger to families whose children have special needs. Vanessa started her own company KAHLON FAMILY SERVICES in 2008. KFS provides behavior consultations, professional support, social skills groups, support professionals in schools, and parenting groups for families with children with Learning and Behavioral challenges and needs.  In her various capacities, as she directed and supervised various in-home / at schools Behavioral programs all around California, as well as facilitating Social Skills Groups, she succeeded in developing her own Yoga Curriculum (YEAS YOGA) to help address children’s needs as well as aid professionals in the field.  YEAS YOGA (Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum) is an exciting, personalized program that Vanessa created to address Self-Regulation needs of High-Spirited children.

Vanessa is inspired to help more families in the Bay Area more professionally and effectively, Vanessa founded KFS SCHOOL as the Executive Director. KFS SCHOOL K-8 Program has been officially a Nonprofit Organization (501c3) since December 2016 and serving children in San Francisco and the Bay Area Community.  Vanessa is the host ofParenting with Vanessa Kahlon. The show empowers parents with tools and strategies for children’s daily struggles. The show was aired on KABC Radio station and currently on her own podcast (www.VanessaKahlon.com).

Vanessa is also a guest lecturer around California  – with various schools and organizations seeking professional development in behavior modification and management.   Named Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women in 2014,  Vanessa is passionate about keeping families together, communicative, happy and healthy. Vanessa’s approach is professional, yet personal. She is relationship based – and she gets results! She cares deeply for all clients and their families, bringing purposeful challenges to stretch them beyond their current capacity.


Nora Richman

Nora Richman, BSc.

KFS School Director

Development & Communication

Nora graduated with a BSc. Degree in Business – Major in Accounting and Minor Psychology in Human Behavior. She started her career in the corporate world in the Business Strategic Planning and Marketing field. After 11 years in the corporate world she decided to shift her world and follow her real passion to dedicate her career & skills to working with children and make a difference in their lives.

She acquired her K-6 General Ed. Teacher Certification as well as K-12 Special Needs Teacher Certification and holds Endorsements for ASD and Reading. She has been working in the Educational Field since 2010 and has gained extensive experience working with children with special needs in group settings as well as 1:1 with great success and proven track record of her students progress and performance. She served as a Middle School Teacher at the PBSA (Florida) and was promoted to Educational Technology Specialist for the entire school Kindergarten through Middle School (at the time). She successfully introduced Educational Technology Tools strengthening the school’s competitive positioning in quality education, as well as Training and mentoring Teachers and Therapists (SLPs & OTs) on educational technology tools (operation, tools, problem solving, develop lesson plans, curriculum integration, students digital portfolios).

Nora joined KFS with great enthusiasm and aspiration to passionately impact children and families’ lives after meeting with the founder Vanessa Kahlon and being touched by her mission and passion to keep families happy and healthy. She worked as an Educational Consultant/Behavior Specialist with children in their own School settings to facilitate their educational environment to fit their needs and help the children succeed and progress. She also received her Yoga Teacher Training from YEAS YOGA program created by Vanessa to address the physical and self-regulation needs of children with special needs.

She gets her inspiration and strength from her students on daily basis and believes in the power of their strength and capabilities. “Only children believe they can do anything” she always says. Her teaching approach and strategy success is based on valuing relationships with the families and working closely together to achieve their goals for their children.

Nora runs away to her lovely dog Miles and enjoys quality time with family cooking, taking long walks and hikes, traveling the world, breathing and feeling alive.


Sara Love

Sara Love, B.A.

KFS School Music & Enrichment Teacher

Sara is a Los Angeles-born and Chico-grown educator, who completed her Bachelor’s degree in music at California State University, Chico. She has an extensive background in music, with over a decade of experience as a performer and teacher. In addition to her musical qualifications, she has also gained experience in the behavioral health field as a personal mentor and caregiver, to supplement her courses that she completed in the health and wellness field. She also possesses a more technical background in the field of physiological sciences, having completed two year’s worth of courses in anatomy and physiology.

At Kahlon Family Services, Sara provides shadowing in the San Francisco area for children with a wide range of behavioral qualities. She has also joined the newly opened KFS School in San Francisco, offering her experience to the school as a teacher, while specializing in music. Sara is currently being trained in YEAS yoga (Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum; Vanessa Kahlon).

Sara’s interests include surfing, jewelry crafting, running, swimming, biking, tea drinking, spear fishing, sailing, camping, hiking and traveling.


Miles is a happy 4 and half year old Golden Retriever Therapy Dog. His mission in life is to give and receive love. He enjoys being surrounded by children and has way too much fun with people. All our students are his best friends already. With his high obedience and natural tendency to comfort people he spreads happiness and joy with lots of wagging his happy tail in the community! Miles loves hiking, swimming at the beach and walking in the rain. A few years ago Miles helped his owner recover from a serious accident by his very calm demeanor and loving soul. Miles defines how an animal can give so much love and be a best friend. Love heals everything and more.


Lola “The Dog”

Lola is our latest beautiful addition to the family. She is the smallest most cutest therapy dog you can look for. She has been adopted by her new mommy Vanessa Kahlon and all the kids now call her family. Lola is so funny and loves playing with balls and if you hear her make any sound that’s her saying “Hi, I want to play with you”. She’s on a mission to help the kids learn how to take good care of her as well as grooming skills. Lola makes every child feel happy and playful!