“In the YEAS Training, Vanessa not only shared her wealth of experience, she also taught and equipped me with a brilliant structure. In learning how to use the terrific resources her “back pack”, I feel empowered to be more specific and responsive in my work with children so that they can be more successful and self-confident.”

– Leah Kalish, MA Founder of Move-with-Me Yoga Adventures & Yoga Pretzels (http://move-with-me.com)

“Her approach was non-intrusive and she preferred to do her work in a natural setting, which I find to be much more useful than just talking about the problem. My son was instantly at ease with Vanessa and I found her to be very trusting and easy to get along with.”

– Angie T., Parent

“She has a unique talent for integrating behavioral treatment for the child with the requirements of the entire family. Her natural empathy for the child naturally extends to parents and siblings, who are struggling to manage the day-to-day pressure and stress of their family lives.”

– Susan M., Educational Consultant

“In one visit, she changed our lives – all of us. She is practical and will not give you an annoying reading list of photocopies or books. She will give you some immediate remedies. Our child is no longer violent in our home or anywhere.”

– L.R., Parent

“Vanessa is a brilliant specialist who has dedicated her life and love to working and connecting with children on the autism spectrum. Thanks to her and the techniques she taught me, I am also able to work with this population who can benefit so deeply from the practice of yoga.”

– Shana Meyerson., Founder of mini yogis (www.miniyogis.com)

“Vanessa’s approach to working with children with special needs was exactly what I was looking for. She provided an overview of what Autism is for the participants who had little or no experience working with children with special needs and logically progressed to strategies that could be used to bring yoga to children that are non-verbal, physically challenged and struggling to manage their behaviors. She walked us through a typical session and gave us case study scenarios to organize and teach our own session during the training. I was able to take what I learned and immediately adapt my yoga sessions with the children that I currently work with. I noticed monumental changes in just a couple of sessions!”

– Julia J., Teacher and Yoga Instructor