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5 Reasons We Love Playdoh


(1) Promotes Creative Imaginative Play
It’s a blob – no, it’s a ball! Actually, I am making a dog – no – a snake! This part here is flat, it’s a pancake – no, a pizza! Now I am putting pepperoni on it. I’m going to make a table for the pizza, now it’s a restaurant – are you going to come to my restaurant?

Right?! The possibilities are endless with Playdoh. Kids can spend hours developing new ideas, stretching their capacity for flexible thinking and dramatic play.

(2) Promotes Fine Motor Development 
Grab a ball of Playdoh and hide some beads or marbles inside. Have your young child take these small pieces out of the Playdoh – make sure they get all of them! This action works on the Pincher grip and strengthens the hands. Roll some tiny balls of ‘doh and have your child collect them all up in one big ball. Then make a little ‘pinch pot’ out of a medium size chunk of Playdoh – maybe it’s a bird’s nest with eggs in it?

Seriously, Google Fine Motor activities related to Playdoh. You’ll be amazed.

(3) Literacy Possibilities 
Make a snake, and spell your name! Spell everything. Make every letter that ever was – make the whole alphabet in Playdoh! Bring early learning to life with manipulatives like neon Playdoh, and watch that child who hates writing suddenly start enjoying literacy.

(4) It’s Relaxing 
Squeeze some bright, squishy Playdoh in your hand and feel the stress leave your body. You can make everything or nothing out of Playdoh, so just sit there doing nothing in particular with it for a while. Like the benefits of Theraputty, or Crazy Aaron’s Putty, Playdoh provides a therapeutic sensation to the person holding onto it.

(5)  It’s Timeless
Are your kids addicted to the iPad? Get back to basics and provide them some good low-fi fun. Playdoh can go in your backpack wherever you go. Stick a jar of ‘doh in your purse and have it ready for boring situations like waiting at an airport, or waiting for a meal at a family-style restaurant. You don’t need to give them a screen every time they’re bored! Encourage other kinds of developmentally appropriate play, and watch the joy that your children can have from the simple things in life.

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