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Countdown to Summer Camp!


The weather is certainly heating up in San Francisco this week, reminding us that summer is well and truly on its way! With only a couple of weeks left until our summer camp kicks off, we’re going to give you three excellent reasons to sign your child up for the KFS camp:

(1) We can handle unexpected behaviors 
Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you have a child who has some difficult behaviors. When you drop your kids off at a regular summer camp, it’s normal to be nervous about how the staff will deal with your child’s behavior. Our camp is staffed by behavior specialists – we will not only “handle” the behaviors, we will specifically work on modifying them into productive choices.

(2) You need a break
You don’t need to stress out over your child possibly being kicked out of camp due to behavioral reasons. Obviously we take our campers’ safety very seriously, but apart from safety issues, we will take care of behaviors and communicate honestly with you. This leaves you, the parent, to enjoy a few carefree hours each day.

(3) We still have space for more campers!
Many San Franciscan summer camps are no longer open for registration – but we are! While we prefer that you sign up ASAP, you’re welcome to sign up at the last minute if you have other plans fall through or you have a sudden epiphany that your child simply must attend our camp.  

If you’re still not convinced, camp is located on California St (right near Laurel Village) within a block of a Starbucks. Here’s to yet another chance for you to get some downtime this summer! For registration information, email info@kahlonfamilyservices.com TODAY!

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