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Empowering Children To Be The Change

Empowering Children To Be The Change

By Vanessa Kahlon, MA

With the world being so divided this is when the language we use with our children is so important.  We want to create a world for our children to use their mind to change the world and not just using words that hurt and are below the belt.  So many children are speaking from anger and repeating what they are hearing at home and the surroundings they are exposed to. First and foremost the change starts in your home with the language you are using.  Children pick everything up even when you think they don’t, they do!  How you treat people who are close to you is key to how your child will treat others around them.   As we move into a time where the world is so divided we need to show one another love and respect by our actions even if we disagree. It is a skill to “Disagree with RESPECT”.  If we keep speaking with anger in our hearts, our children will see this and we will create children who are fearful and angry instead of teaching them ways to be the change they want to see in the world.   Here are two ways to empower your child to be part of a society that they are proud to be apart of.

Educate your children –

Children know more than what you think they know. Having an open communication with your child will help them feel comfortable to come to you when they are having a hard time understanding what is happening in the world around them.  Again, we don’t want to make our children fearful of the world but we want to show them that there are things they can do to make a difference.   So how you discuss world issues are important.  Talk from your heart and give facts instead of stating “I feel it shouldn’t be this way” and that is all the information they are receiving.   The more we educate our children with facts we will create less fear and hopefully they will be discussing issues versus stating mean statements to one another if someone has a different point of view.   We want to teach them to always take the high road and have respect and integrity with themselves.

What can they do? 

Once you are educating the child, it is really important to ask them if they want to do something to give back and if they do, what is it?  Support what they want to do whether it is writing a letter to a government official, going to a food bank, or being part of a march.  You want your child to feel empowered that they are making a difference in their world and not living in fear of what is happening around them and they have no control.  Fear creates anger instead of teaching critical thinking skills of how they can make the world a better place being part of the solution.

Lets teach children they can make a difference and if there is a disagreement how to use their words using the high road.   Our children will be the ones to make that difference but we are the starting point so our responsibilty is to empower them to stand on their own two feet with their own values and hopefully a strong moral compass.  It’s time for all of us to educate and come together with LOVE for our future generation.