Homework Help

Do you have trouble with your kids and homework? Are you at a loss as to how to help, or having difficulty knowing what a fair expectation for homework should be?
We have some tips for you, to make homework less of a battle. 
  • Establish a consistent homework routine
    • Make a work space – give your child their own space to work.
    • What time does homework start and stop? It is much easier to stay focused when there is a time limit. Try using a timer, and pausing if your child gets off-track. You could also use the timer to establish how long s/he should work until s/he gets a break. (“Time Timer” App is $2.99, and is perfect for young children & time management.)
    • Will there be a computer available? Does your child have everything they need in their work space? Also, if a computer is available, be sure to check in with your child to make sure that it is a help rather than a distraction.
  • Remember, homework is key in developing;
    • Time management – how will your child meet deadlines? Are you allowing your child to work within the pressure of a deadline, or are you bailing them out by doing their work? Many parents also write notes to teachers to have their child exempt from meeting deadlines. How are you setting your child up for the “real world”?
    • Work ethic – homework teaches your child to work hard, even after hours. People with a strong work ethic are much more employable than those who work half-heartedly.
    • Problem solving strategies – when your child doesn’t have a teacher at hand, how will they learn to use their initiative to get things done?
  • Set time aside to help each child get started. Learn to tell the difference between laziness, attention problems and a lack of understanding. If you feel like your child is struggling more than s/he should be, set up a time to talk to the classroom teacher about your concerns. Productivity is related to motivation, realistic expectations and ability.
  • Be prepared to help your child in the time set aside for homework. If you can’t help them, organize another time to do it. If your child asks for help, provide them with a consistent response.


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