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How to be a Visitor


When you have kids, visiting other people’s houses can be a nerve wracking experience – especially when the house you’re visiting isn’t kid-proof. By teaching your child how to be a good visitor, you will have less stress, and more fun visiting others.

These are 5 rules of thumb
(1) Always say, “Hello,” and, “Goodbye,” to the host. For extra credit points, all people (not just kids) should say, “Thank you,” to the host.
(2) Always bring something. Even if the host says that they don’t want you to bring something, teach your kids to bring flowers, a drawing or a card.
(3) Always ask. Unless you’re very familiar with the house you’re visiting, show your child the value of asking. Have them ask if they need food or drink, have them ask if they want to touch something valuable, have them ask if they would like to use a toy or a game. Always ask.
(4) Always eat at the table. Teach your kids that they need to stay put, so they don’t traipse food and sticky fingers throughout the house.
(5) Always follow the host’s lead. If you can see the host looking bored, tired or uncomfortable, it might be time to leave. Teach your child to pay attention to people’s faces and body language – only stay for as long as you’re welcome!

Good luck!

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