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Interview with Meg Warren, founder of Key to Kids

This week on The Spectrum, we are talking to Meg Warren – founder of the Australian business Key to Kids. Meg is the sister of Amy Piers, a member of the Kahlon Family Services team.
(1) What inspired you to create your business, Key to Kids?

The amazing course that I attended as a young Mom, “How to Talk so Kids Listen.” Its facilitator engaged me from the instant it commenced – so much so that when I returned to teaching after maternity leave I kept in contact with her as a educational/behavioral mentor. She retired from the course in 2013 and supported me in becoming a facilitator in her place. I feel passionate about these skills and feel the need to share them with anyone who works/lives with kids – it changed my life.


(2) Why did you see a need for adults to communicate differently?

I guess since learning these new skills it’s opened my eyes to the fact that as adults we don’t listen to our kids – I mean REALLY listen. Unless we acknowledge their feelings and give them our time – away from iPhones/laptops/TVs – children will carry the burden of their unhappiness and this will get in the way of their learning, socializing and growing up. We need to free our kids to think for themselves and become independent, confident adults.


(3) How has becoming a parent of school-aged children changed how you teach in the classroom?

It has given me more empathy for parents!! I think all parents are out there, giving it their best shot. I try not to judge when I see other parents struggling (we all have bad days!!) but this makes me reflect on how SKILLS give us something to work with – which is better than NOTHING to work with. I also love being able to share with the parents and teachers that I work with tried and tested ideas – like ‘I tried this with my 7 year old, and this happened’. It’s not a perfect world – things don’t always have a happy ending – but it’s about reflecting on ‘how will I handle it next time?’. I have created a blog that has this at it’s essence…. I’m not the perfect parent but I’m willing to try new things and reflect when they don’t work for next time.


(4) How have your children responded to a changed approach in your communication?

Well my kids have been spoken to in this way since they were very young so they don’t notice the difference! But parents who do the course say their kids can sometimes be skeptical about a change in the way their parents handle things! But often it’s for the better – like they notice how they have more a voice with their parents – it’s a partnership.


(5) What is one piece of advice you’d like to offer to parents looking for better ways to communicate with their children?

I love Dr Phil’s quote ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’. I want parents to know that they are not alone and there are different things they can try to make their household a more harmonious one. It’s not about being guilty, admitting defeat or being shamed… it’s about improving relationships with your children… and that is the best gift you can give them.


To find out more about Key to Kids, visit www.keytokids.com.au

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