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KFS School’s 2nd Annual Fundraiser Is Coming Up!

2nd FUNDRAISER “Black and White” Gala Night
As the ticket sales keep increasing and more people are expected to attend the KFS SCHOOL’s  2nd Annual Fundraiser on November 2, 2017, KFS SCHOOL is preparing for the 2nd FUNDRAISER “Black and White” Gala Night. The Gala and Live Auction, which will take place at THE GRAND Night Club, will be raising funds through ticket sales, auction items and sponsorships. This will allow KFS SCHOOL  to grow and support more families in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We also welcome other Nonprofits contributions through Charity Funds geared towards education.
We would like to THANK all the community for the amazing contributions in supporting KFS SCHOOL reach their goals.
A special ‘Thank You’ goes to Jeff Risher (our Board Director) for the generous donation of 10  MAC-PRO Laptops. These Laptops are essential in helping and supporting our students’s Individualized Education and teaching efforts. Also will enrich our unique STEAM Curriculum where the children learn Technical and Applied Functional skills in group projects and peer-to-peer learning.
Thank you to Lily Nguyen, the Owner and Andrej Oslica the General Manager of  THE GRAND for hosting our 2nd FUNDRAISER “Black and White” Gala Night in a row. The Grand venue is absolutely upscale stunning and located in the heart of San Francisco. The stylish, modern interior attracts any style-conscious crowd and the luxurious gold wall-paper dressed walls will simply take your breath away.
We are continuously grateful for our Special members of our Community. Thank you Olivier Perrier, the Owner of CURBSIDE Restaurant for consistently thinking of how to help us and the children in every way possible and opening his restaurant for the students to learn social and life skills etiquette.
Thank you to all our Families for the support and trust they put in us everyday.  It is only through them, that we feel we are one big family with one goal to make our students happy and become successful individuals in our society.
Our school holds the Annual Gala Fundraiser to raise awareness and enough funds to support it’s high quality services.  The funds raised are going towards KFS SCHOOL’s expanding and general operations to be able to help more students and families.  The Live Auction will consist of Getaway Trips,  Children’s Art pieces,  Sporting Event Tickets, Services from partners in the community, and Gift Cards from our community local businesses. Also, we have exciting PRIZES lined up for our guests, from Getaway Trips to Hawaii and Chicago to Tickets to the Warriors and 49ers, as well as Disney passes for the family and MORE .
About Us 
KFS SCHOOL is a Nonprofit Organization serving children with Special Learning Needs and Differences in San Francisco and the Bay Area Community. We are located in the beautiful neighborhood of North Beach, San Francisco.
Our school program model success is attributed to our SMALL SETTING Environment and our Low Ratio (Teacher to Student) as well as Integrating Sensory in every aspect of the student’s day.
We utilize movement desks in our “Kinesthetic Classroom” to allow children to be in motion while they learn ACADEMICS,  as well as our Unique STEAM Curriculum and MUSIC Education Program. All our Teachers are highly trained in Social and Emotional learning (Behavior Support) and Sensory Integration aside from Academics Teaching.
We have launched the School’s K-8 Program in January 2016. Click here to learn more about our PROGRAM and how we can help all children with different learning needs.
We can also help your teaching staff learn more about how to handle children with learning and behavioral needs through Vanessa Kahlon’s “Teacher Training”.  Each teacher will receive a Certificate of Completion and the training will be held by Vanessa Kahlon M.A.   Read more here.
We would love to hear from you and be in contact.  If you wish to make a Student Referral for Placement needs and/or coordinate a Training for your Staff, please contact us and send an email to the administration here to coordinate a training.
Kindly click here for more information about our ANNAUL FUNDRAISER “Black & White Gala” coming November 2nd 2017, as we would love to see you there with the rest of our community!
For TICKETS click here!
Our Nonprofit Organization’s main goal is to be able to bring all the Specialized services and tools (Visual – Auditory – Reading/Writing – Kinesthetic) to meet children’s needs as we  maintain the quality of education to serve our children, and be able to accept more applications for children in need in our community.

Look forward to seeing you at the fundraiser!

KFS School Team!

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