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Music for Self Regulation


Have you ever heard a song, and immediately been taken back to a feeling? Music has a way of transporting our emotions to another place, whether we like it or not. To make the best of the power of music, you might want to try having a few songs that you play consistently for your children at certain times of the day.

Play the same song at the same time, and help your child to know the expected behaviors for that time of day.

(1) Wake Up Song 
Does your child have a hard time waking up? Choose an upbeat song, preferably a song they love at the moment. Let’s motivate a positive morning, which will lead to a positive mood for the day.

(2) Pack Up Song
Any time there’s a mess that needs to be cleaned, cue the packing up with a song. Something fun, but not too silly, is best. Fast beats, positive and motivating songs work best.

(3) Calming Song
What’s a song that helps you when you’re feeling stressed out? Think about why that song helps you, and consider the same attributes for a calming song for your children. Introduce the song at a calm time of day, encouraging deep breathing. The goal is to have a song that you can play anywhere (headphones can be your best friend while you’re out and about), at any time of the day – and your child will respond by calming down.

(4) Bedtime Playlist 
Because a lot of children with special needs also have trouble sleeping, a bedtime playlist may be a recipe for restful slumber. A bedtime playlist should be slow, quiet, calming and preferably musically driven. Lyrically driven songs have a tendency to provide more stimulation to sleepless children, so think about some instrumental tracks that promote rest.

Let us know (via the comments section), if you have any song suggestions!

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