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YEAS (Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum) 

YEAS is a program developed by the founder of Kahlon Family Services (Vanessa Kahlon) and is built on a combination of yoga and behavior management strategies. We offer individual or group yoga sessions for all children, including those with special needs. KFS recognizes and appreciates each individual’s unique needs with customized programs, created to fully engage each participant in our unique children’s yoga program. YEAS sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home or at a convenient studio.


Kahlon Family Services also provides ‘shadows’ to people of all ages requiring extra help towards independence. ‘Shadowing’ is a behavioral intervention. For children, a shadow refers to a Behavior Specialist assisting a child at school by first observing, taking data and consulting with the child’s family and teacher, wherein the specialist can highlight areas of concern and develop a plan for behavior modification. The shadow then helps the child on a daily basis – first building rapport while meeting them where they are at – then challenging the child to develop further self-sufficiency. The goal of a shadow is to assist the child without hovering or embarrassing them, while making discrete modifications to their behavior and classroom environment to set the child up for success.


At Kahlon Family Services, we also offer respite for families with special needs children. Being trained in behaviors and developmental differences, our specialists can consult with you about your child before care begins. A big advantage of having a specialist providing respite (compared to using a mainstream babysitter) is that the specialist understands that your child will be unique and possibly challenging, yet coming at the situation with a toolbox of techniques to not only provide quality care to your child, but also have a good time.

School Consultations

When teachers or directors feel that something in the classroom is not quite right they may choose to call us for a consultation. School consultations can be observations on a specific child, teaching teams or a classroom as a whole unit. The consultant comes out to the school, takes notes and submits a report containing observations, statistics and suggestions.

Behavioral Consultations

When your kids have special needs or behavioral challenges, what seems like an everyday task can sometimes feel like mission impossible. We are passionate about helping families find joy in being together, despite the obstacles that may stand in their way. We help strengthen families by providing services that include Behavioral Consultations. The consultant makes suggestions and develops a plan of action from a toolbox of methods that they have been trained in, or previously seen evidence-based success in. At KFS, everything we do is relationship-based and individualized.

YEAS Teacher Training

Vanessa Kahlon also runs weekend courses to certify participants in becoming a YEAS teacher. Typically, a host has a group of people that would like training and from there the session can be advertised to the public, or kept private if there are enough participants. The training is based on yoga and behavior strategies, with plenty of opportunity to work in groups, explore new ideas and move your body.

Parenting Workshops 
The course covers topics, such as;

  • Communication
  • Quality time
  • Dealing with meltdowns, and
  • Building the parent-child bond
Each session will involve practical content developed by Behavior Specialists, fresh ideas, strategies and challenges. There will also be time for questions, comments and discussion.

Social Skills
We conduct one-to-one sessions with individual students out in the community, where we spend time observing life as it happens and teaching vital skills that are relevant to the child’s daily context. A general session involves capturing naturally teachable moments, such as:

  • how to independently order and pay at a café
  • how to cope with unexpected moments
  • using appropriate voice level modulation for the situation
  • how to express opinions in a way that doesn’t offend others
  • participation in conversation that involves/is interesting to everyone in the group and is back and forth
If we have the right combination of kids, we also run social groups. Contact us on info@kahlonfamilyservices.com for more information.


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