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Parenting With Confidence Workshop

Do you have a strong-willed child?
Is your child “difficult”?
Are you having trouble connecting with your children, or as a family?
Are you feeling frustrated with the way things are?

We have a course for you.

“Parenting With Confidence” is a 6-week course in San Francisco for parents wanting to learn more about building stronger family connections. The course covers topics such as;

  • ¬†Dealing with meltdowns
  • Communication
  • Juggling family dynamics and schedules
  • Building the parent-child connection

The full 6-week package costs $175 per parent, $225 for both parents – or $35 per parent for casual attendees.

Westside Art House
540 Balboa St, San Francisco

Day & Time
Wednesday nights 6-7PM, starting 27 February (date subject to change)

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