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Respite vs. Babysitting


All parents need to take breaks. We tell our kids to ‘take a break’, so we need to practice what we preach and take some time out for ourselves. When it comes to leaving your children in the care of others, most parents have a hard time finding (and keeping) babysitters around. By adding a special needs child into the mix, the struggle to find a babysitter intensifies exponentially. At Kahlon Family Services, we provide ‘respite’ care for parents whose children have developmental delays, behavioral differences or any other type of special need.

You may have heard the term ‘respite’ before, in the context of caring for people who have quite severe disabilities. While this term is probably thrown around a lot more in these situations, we would like to help you broaden this definition. Technically, ‘respite’ means, “A short period of rest from something that is difficult.” We don’t mean to say that your child is difficult, but if you’re honest you’ll agree that parenting a special needs child is actually quite difficult.

At Kahlon Family Services, we offer care under the term ‘respite’ because we feel that our staff are able to provide your family with not only childcare, but peace of mind. On the nights where you need to be at a meeting, or when you’d like to go on a date, or to a party – you can leave your children with a behavior specialist who is prepared for your family’s unique challenges. On the days during school breaks where you need someone to watch your child, or you need a weekend off – we have it covered.

For more information about respite, or to schedule a consultation with a specialist, please contact us at info@kahlonfamilyservices.com

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