Self Care



Parents, we implore you to take some time out for yourself.
We know you’re thinking about how unrealistic this may seem, but let’s talk about some really good reasons why you need to get out and have some parts of your life that don’t involve your kids.

(1) Exercise
Making time to move your body won’t only effect the parts of yourself that we can see, it will help change the parts of you that can’t be seen. Taking time out (by yourself and for yourself) to spend time in the outdoors will work wonders for you, giving you space to think about life as a whole instead of being caught up in the anxiety of each tiny moment.

(2) Making Healthy Food
By nature, food promotes community. A meal brings people together, nourishing bodies and souls at the same time. Food preparation, however, can be done solo – and some people find the process restorative. While your kids are at school, or during the evening after they go to bed, make some time to prepare some healthy treats, or meals in advance. Preparing meals and snacks in advance will free up your afternoon schedule in order to spend more quality time with your kids.

(3) Quiet Time
When you have kids, you basically sign away the rights to any kind of silence for the next 18 years. At any given time, your kids are probably trying to pull your attention in 10 different directions at once through crying, yelling, constantly talking about one very specific topic, following you everywhere or begging you for the iPad. Grab 10 minutes during every day when your kids are at school (or otherwise engaged) and just listen to nothing. No music, no cellphones… just listen to your thoughts and your heartbeat. Use this time to recalibrate your expectations of yourself, your day, your kids, your job, your partner, your family as a whole etc. Think “big picture” – choose to choose your battles.

(4) Adult Time
We can’t stress this one enough! Go on a date night with your spouse, or get out on the town with some friends. There’s one rule: You can’t talk about your kids. Nope. Not even a little bit. Even though your children are your favorite things in the world, you’ll benefit greatly from separating yourself for a few hours and just being yourself. Do something you haven’t been able to do for years – stay out past midnight, eat at a restaurant with white tablecloths, go see a movie with swear words in it, sit atop a vista point and watch the city lights. This is your time.

You might feel selfish for taking time out when your kids have special needs.  Trust us on this one – you’ll be a better parent when you have some time to breathe.  If you have a hard time finding or keeping babysitters because of your child’s behavioral needs, remember that at Kahlon Family Services we offer Respite as part of a long list of things we do. If you are interested in our respite services, contact us on

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