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Shut Up And Parent – Book Signing

  Do you feel you are always yelling at your child?  Do you feel disconnected from you child? Looking for tools to build your relationship? 
Shut Up And Parent gives you the specific strategies needed to be consistent while setting boundaries along with building your relationship with your child. 

Shut Up And Parent Is Here

Book Signing At KFS School’s 4th Annual Fundraiser! *Dancing  *Silent Auction  *Casino Tables 
When: March 12, 2020 Where: The Grand Nightclub Time:  7 PM 
*All book purchases from the fundraiser goes to KFS School! 
Tickets here!Hear What Is Being Said About  Shut Up And Parent
This book is unique in its combination of behavioral intervention strategies, centrality of secure attachment, and focus on parents learning their own self-regulation to be most effective (and stay sane!) The theoretical and behavioral basis is evidence and research-based, of course, but I have had the privilege to see Vanessa in action at KFS School and to witness the transformation of multiple children.
I believe that parents will see themselves and their children in these pages and be able to learn and practice new skills.  More importantly, however, parents will experience a shift in the way they see their children’s challenging behaviors, defiance, or power struggles, and feel more confident in their role as a parent and role model. Instead of getting stuck and feeling lost or angry, we will all hear Vanessa’s voice in our heads to “shut up and parent!” – Carrie Johnson. MFT 

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