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Thank You for attending KFS Open House


Thank you for coming to the KFS Open House!

From our whole team at KFS we THANK YOU all for attending our KFS School Open House on February 28th, we enjoyed every minute of it! It was amazing to have the whole community and families come together and meeting all our parents, family members and children having the opportunity to share the learning that goes on in the classroom and get a glance of what we do everyday. We hope that it was informative, as well as fun for you as all learning should always be! We are looking forward to a productive partnership with our community to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential.

A huge thanks goes out to those who spoke at the Open house!

Tejal Desai (Parent)

Susan McCormick (Learning Specialist)

Lindy Joffeot (OT Professional)

Karla Cianci (JCC Assistant Director)

KFS School Program revolves around 4 essential pillars for a child’s well-being:





“Only children believe they are capable of everything”. Our educational inspiration stems from believing in the potential and strength of each child.  We actively guide every aspect of each child’s individuality, character and well-being on a personal level and in a group setting. We provide each child with a comprehensive environment to nurture his/her learning style through their own curiosity, passion for learning, and social interaction. We strive to create opportunities for learning, exploration, creativity and self-expression. Our approach is to provide a smaller classroom setting, with one-on-one attention, allowing our environment to be warm and welcoming. We encourage children’s ability to make choices, problem solve, master skills and develop relationships.

“The night before Open House, I was thinking of what I want to say, and my son told me, “Mommy it’s very easy, you can say, ‘I love my School and My School loves me.'” I told him myself that really says it all. As a parent and for my child as a student that goes to KFS School that’s what he needs from a school” – Tejal, parent of a KFS Student