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To Chore, or Not to Chore?

Picture from MaryOrganizes.com

Many parents are divided on whether or not to assign chores to their growing children. We believe the key to having kids help around the house lies with assigning age-appropriate tasks. This week we have a list of Pros and Cons when it comes to dividing up household responsibilities.

  • Kids may have too many after school activities already
  • Demanding homework loads are becoming more common
  • Some jobs are really for adults to do, children should be able to trust their caregivers to provide basic care
  • Kids refuse to do them (or complain too much, let’s be honest!)
  • Avoid having your kids form attitudes of entitlement
  • Teach vital life skills for the future (your child’s future life partner will thank you)
  • Practical help around the house – especially if you’re a working parent
  • Building a family culture where everyone has responsibilities
Alternatives to “Chores”
If the word “chores” seems too archaic and orphanage-like, “responsibility” can be easily substituted. The schedule below (www.gonelikerainbows.com) shows a realistic version of adding expectations of home tasks into an already busy child’s day.
Picture from Gone Like Rainbows
Picture from Gone Like Rainbows
If your children have grown up without having specific responsibilities in the house, it’s likely that there will be some pushback when you ask them to start helping. With multiple children, try writing out a list of what needs to be done and each child can take turns choosing their task until they’re all allocated. You could also rotate tasks every week, or “sell” older kids on specific jobs based on their competence as the oldest. Stand your ground when you’ve established an expectation – responsibility first, then fun.
Isn’t that how adult life (should) work? Set your kids up for success by assigning responsibilities early on.