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    What KFS School Is Grateful For- Happy Thanksgiving!


    KFS SCHOOL FUNDRAISER GALA “Take a Chance on Us Casino Night”


    Over 70 people attended the KFS SCHOOL “Speakeasy Casino Night” Fundraiser on November 3, 2016. The Gala and Auction which took place at THE GRAND Night Club (www.grandnightclub.com), raising funds through ticket sales, auction items and sponsorships. This will  help us help more families in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

    We would love to thank our wonderful partners in the Bay Area for their support and donations to KFS SCHOOL.


    Our amazing team at OPEN MIND SCHOOL for their support and sponsorship with helping us achieve our goals for our first Fundraiser. Learn more about OMS from their website www.openmindschool.org .


    We are also so excited to announce the amazing donation we have received from VARIETY the Children’s Charity of Northern California . We are grateful to receive 5 desks to assist our students with their sensory needs during classwork. Children with pedals under their desk can work their legs while they work. Students pedal while they participate in regular classroom activities, and since the pedals are silent, they don’t interfere with classroom instruction or activities.


    A special shout out goes to our own Priya Basin  (Occupational Therapist) for raising $750 for KFS SCHOOL! The money raised will go towards buying:

    * A self standing indoor swing

    * Rocking chairs, ball chairs and other alternative seating for kids who have trouble sitting in traditional desk chairs

    * individualized oral sensory equipment (i.e. kazoos, recorders)

    * A sensory table

    * And maybe even a little bit more…!

    You can read more about Priya here, www.thewellnesstherapist.org .

    We are more than grateful for our lovely families that support and trust us with their children everyday, it is only through them we feel we are one big family with one goal to make our children happy and become successful individuals in society. The funds raised are going towards KFS SCHOOL’s Nonprofit status and expanding the school to be able to help more students and families.   The live and silent auction consisted mainly of the Children’s Art pieces, Services from partners in the community, finest wine brands, and beautiful items from our community local businesses. We are proud of our children’s art work being the hit show of the night as we sold out.

    KFS SCHOOL is proudly a part of Kahlon Family Services LLC. Please check the school website to learn more about what we do www.kfsschool.com.  KFS SCHOOL Program was initially launched in January 2016 serving several children and their families in San Francisco and the Bay Area Community. Our school’s our mission every day is working as hard as we can to bring Quality Education to all Children with learning & behavioral Needs. Every child is included in our family and has the right to make his/her family proud. We are a SMALL FAMILY with a BIG DREAM for our children. We need to expand KFS SCHOOL and work towards being a Nonprofit Organization as to be able to bring all the Specialized services and tools (Visual – Auditory – Reading/Writing – Kinesthetic) needed as we  maintain the quality of education to serve our children, and be able to accept more applications for children in need in our community.

    Our educational inspiration stems from believing in the potential and strength of each child. We actively guide every aspect of each child’s individuality, character and well-being on a personal level and in a group setting. We provide each child with a comprehensive environment to nurture his/her learning style through their own curiosity, passion for learning, and social interaction. We strive to create opportunities for learning, exploration, creativity and self-expression. Our approach is to provide a Smaller Classroom Setting, with one-on-one attention, allowing our environment to be warm and welcoming. We encourage children’s ability to make choices, problem solve, master skills and develop relationships.

    See you all at our next Fundraiser with more accomplishments.



    Vanessa Kahlon, MA

    Executive Director & Founder




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