YEAS Program

Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum 

Yoga has long been associated with advantages for the mind, body and soul. It is therefore no surprise that yoga education specifically created for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders has been proven to provide a wide range of benefits to children all over the world. It is for this reason that Vanessa Kahlon (founder of Kahlon Family Services) developed a program called YEAS : Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum.

With years of experience working with children who have Autism, we are aware of the value of mainstreaming. There are so many circumstances in which children of various abilities and developmental stages can work together, and learn a great deal from one another. We have also noticed that when it comes to certain activities, mainstreaming isn’t always a good idea. In most yoga classes for typically developing children, kids with differences can be quickly left behind. YEAS was created to support children who need some extra help.

In a YEAS class, you can expect small group sizes – YEAS can even be taught in private 1:1 classes, sibling groups or whole families in the home. Children receive assistance and encouragement without adjustment to their poses. In a YEAS class, the emphasis is on participation. Teachers aim to alter their teaching style to conform to the needs of the child – not the other way around. There are all kinds of modifications in a YEAS class, such as; visual schedules that prepare kids for upcoming tasks, 3 dimensional figurines that model poses in a tangible way, picture cards, choices and clear visual instructions.

Vanessa Kahlon runs 10-hour (usually weekend) training courses, where participants are certified to teach the program. Vanessa travels to teach, so no matter where your location may be, feel free to contact if you are interested in becoming certified.

For more information about how to be trained to teach YEAS, or how to enroll your child in a YEAS class, go to our website