Yoga & Autism

Yoga is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular ways to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Studies have shown that yoga significantly benefits our anxiety levels – which is particularly grand for people on the Autism Spectrum. We have worked extensively with children in this population and seen some amazing results. Many of the group yoga programs available for typically developing children are excellent, but can be overwhelming for a child with special needs. We have a modified program that is taught in weekend training sessions all over America, certifying participants to be able to teach the program after the course. If you are interested in booking a training session for your city, school, organization or workplace – contact us on – or check out our website. Or, if you’re local to the Bay Area, we have a training session at Arbor Bay School on the first weekend of November.

YEAS (Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum) is part of what we do at Kahlon Family Services. Vanessa Kahlon developed a program specifically for children on the spectrum. The program helps kids to learn where their bodies are in space, stretch in a way that will help them to self-regulate and make choices to empower them to customize their yoga session. For this, they need a few things to get going – and if you are interested in teaching modified yoga with the YEAS program, you won’t need to make a thing! We have done it all for you.

We are so excited to announce that we are launching our first product line on eBay to accompany the program! (To check it out click here to be linked to eBay.)

Presenting… the YEAS Backpack! The only bag o’ tricks you’ll ever need for the program!

Inside, there are;

  • Visual Picture Schedules
  • Choice Boards
  • Choice Visual cards
  • Yoga Visual Cards (Photos taken in Berkeley with our very own, cute, blue-haired model!)
  • Breathing Tools
  • Tools for Body Placement
  • 15 3D Yoga People
  • 1 Eye Mask from Ian’s Paradise (An 8yr old boy & his Mom, who make weighted pillows for people with sensory needs)

If you would like to know more about the YEAS program and how to use this bag o’ tricks – comment on this post, visit the website or shoot us an email.

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