Greenhouse Camp



Camp registrations are open for all year round! Contact for dates and times for 2017.

Just like plants are grown in a Greenhouse, our Camp provides your children a unique opportunity for accelerated personal growth. At Kahlon Family Services, we are dedicated to working on the behavioral and interpersonal needs of children with differences, therefore building strong families in the city of San Francisco.

Our camps are customized to the needs of the participants. With a ratio of no more than 1:2, we focus on developing life skills and working on parts of ourselves that need a little help. Just because your child has special needs doesn’t mean that they are the only ones who need to “fix” things. At our camp, we reiterate that everyone has something they need to work on, and we go about becoming stronger, happier members of society.

Don’t worry – it isn’t all work and no play! We spend time on field trips, at cafes, learning how to navigate social skills out in the community and enjoying cooking classes. Every minute of our camp promotes personal life skills, and taking responsibility for our actions.

If you have any questions about Greenhouse camp, contact us at