Social Skills Groups

KFS believes that social skilling should be done in a natural setting and out in the community.  There are many ways to teach social skills to children who do not naturally pick up on non-verbal cues in the world around them.

Sessions consists of one-on-one and group sessions in the community.

Individual Sessions

  • We conduct one-to-one sessions with individual students out in the community, where we spend time observing life as it happens and teaching vital skills that are relevant to the child’s daily context- life skills!
  • A general session involves capturing naturally teachable moments, such as: how to cope with unexpected moments using appropriate voice level modulation for the situation
  • How to express opinions in a way that doesn’t offend others
  • Participation in conversation that involves/is interesting to everyone in the group and is back and forth

Each session offers direct teaching of social behavior, including the use of resources developed by leading experts in social skilling for children who struggle with understanding appropriate behaviors.

Group Sessions

We also run social groups for children of all ages. Each group consists of anywhere between 2-6 participants matched by age and compatible needs. The groups help children learn that positive social interactions rely heavily on thinking outside of themselves, therefore focusing on building friendships by:

  • Sharing (physical items and ideas)                img_1686
  • Encouraging others
  • Thinking about other people’s feelings
  • Teamwork
  • Accepting that everyone is different

Our goal is to have children develop a tool kit of positive social behaviors in order to sustain consistent friendships and feel confident in socializing and making friends.

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