Kahlon Family Services offers individual or group yoga sessions for all children including those with special needs. KFS recognizes and appreciates each individual’s unique needs. Customized programs are created to fully engage each participant in our unique children’s yoga program. Yoga can be done in the comfort of your own home or at a convenient studio.

In addition to the children’s program, we also offer a parent/child program that enables parents to interact and enjoy yoga with their child.


  • Builds and promotes self esteem
  • Increases attention, mindfulness, and focus
  • Adds physical strength and flexibility
  • Encourages creativity and self expression
  • Teaches breathing techniques
  • Provides an outlet to relieve stress from our every day life
  • Increases Creative thinking
  • Non-competitive and FUN!

What we have found using yoga

Kahlon Family Services has been utilizing yoga for several years to help children who have ADD, sensory integration issues,
anxiety and autism. The program has shown results in building self-esteem and creating a stronger sense of body awareness.

Children’s Yoga 4 Schools

Class Offered

“Stretch Your Brain”
This class offers a blend of child friendly Yoga, sensory integration, evidence based social thinking strategies, and Fun. These techniques work together to increase each participant’s focus, social awareness, cooperation, academic learning, and physical stamina. This class is effective with many different ages and student populations.


Registered 200 Yoga Instructor from Marianne Wells Yoga School
Certification from mini yogis
Certification from mini yogis teen/tween

Package prices available. Please contact Vanessa Kahlon for further information.