Support Professionals

Kahlon Family Services also provides ‘support professionals’ to people of all ages requiring extra help towards independence. ‘Shadowing’ is a behavioral intervention. [Read More…]


Social Skills

KFS believes that social skilling should be done in a natural setting, and not in a condescending way. There are many ways to teach social skills to children who do not naturally pick up on non-verbal cues in the world around them. [Read More…]


Behavioral Consultations

Family life is difficult – it doesn’t have to be unbearable though. [Read More…]


Parenting Course

“Parenting With Confidence” is a 6-week parenting course offered by Kahlon Family Services for parents of different, difficult or strong-willed children. [Read More…]



Please contact us if you are interested in having KFS come to you for a workshop and/or training.[Read More…]